If you've been away from the church for a while and you're looking for a place to renew your love for Jesus, He says, “Come Unto Me!”
If you're new to the area and seeking a new family of faith, He says, “Come Unto Me!”
If you've never known much about Jesus, but you know this life has to have more meaning than it does now, He says, “Come Unto Me!”

  If you desire a place where children and families can connect through worship, Sunday School, Christian education-Redeemer Lutheran School, He says, “Come Unto Me!"
  If you are searching for a church home where people are welcomed to faith in Jesus Christ, equipped with a maturing faith through Word and Sacrament, where Christ Himself invites you to, “Come Unto Me,”  we welcome you with open arms.
                   We hope your time spent here is a blessing! 

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Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
705 Southway Blvd. East
Kokomo, Indiana 46902
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Phone 765-453-0969

Regular Schedule

  • Traditional Worship Service
    – 8:15 AM
  • Sunday School/Bible Class
    – 9:30 AM
  • Contemporay Worship 1st and 3rd Sunday
    – 10:45 AM
  • Traditional Worship Service 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday's
    – 10:45 AM
  • Traditional Worship Service
    – 5:30 PM



  • Church Nursery

    Here at Our Redeemer we would like to revitalize our nursery ministry, especially during the 10:45 am worship service, when there is the most need. Serving in the church nursery is important and here are seven reasons why:

    1. God is in the church nursery. This may come as a shock, but the Bible has specific promises about God's presence when children are welcomed and loved in Jesus' name.
    1. Service in the church nursery allows churchgoers to focus on worship, rather than worrying about their children. In a very real sense, the nursery ministry makes it possible for the pastor to fulfill his ministry.
    1. The first (and sometimes lasting) feelings a child will have toward church are formed in the nursery department. A positive experience in the church nursery is essential.
    1. When you serve in the nursery, you are being entrusted with the most important (and vulnerable) members of the church family. There is no greater treasure on this side of Heaven than the little ones God has given us. You must be someone special to have a job that is so important.
    1. Your service is essential for your own spiritual growth. You may have never looked at it this way, but a growing Christian is always a serving Christian. Jesus was known for putting others first. When you serve in the church nursery, you are walking in this example.
    1. The church nursery is the first contact young families will have with your church. Your friendly greeting and exceptional care for their children can make a great first impression for your church. If they don't feel like their children are safe, they will not return—and rightly so.
    1. Your service in the church nursery is a powerful opportunity for prayer. If every nursery worker would spend several minutes praying over the children in their care, imagine how God might begin to change this coming generation. There is no better way to create an environment of spiritual nurture than to pray while you serve in the nursery.

    We are seeking individuals would want to make a difference in our church by ministering to our youngest worshippers. Our goal is to have enough staff so that you would serve once every two months. If you would like to be a part of this important ministry team, please talk to Pastor Akers, Sheryl Hartman, Kitty Davis, or Kaila Akers, or sign up at the Welcome Center.

  • School

    Academic excellence in a caring
      Christian Environment

         Preschool thru 8th grade

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                                              NOW ENROLLING
                                          2019-2020 School Year



Upcoming Events



Men's Bible Study - MH
7:30 AM
Mission Hall
Cub / Boy Scouts - FH
6:00 PM
Fellowship Hall




Duo Club - MH
7:00 PM
Mission Hall