If you've been away from the church for a while and you're looking for a place to renew your love for Jesus, He says,
“Come Unto Me!”
If you're new to the area and seeking a new family of faith, He says, 
“Come Unto Me!”
If you've never known much about Jesus, but you know this life has to have more meaning than it does now, He says, 
“Come Unto Me!”

  If you desire a place where children and families can connect through worship, Sunday School, Christian education-Redeemer Lutheran School, He says, 
“Come Unto Me!"
  If you are searching for a church home where people are welcomed to faith in Jesus Christ, equipped with a maturing faith through Word and Sacrament, where Christ Himself invites you to,
Come Unto Me,” 
we welcome you with open arms.
 We hope your time spent here is a blessing! 


Lutheran Hour Ministry


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Date: January 23, 2022
  January 2022  
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