If you've been away from the church for a while and you're looking for a place to renew your love for Jesus, He says, “Come Unto Me!”
If you're new to the area and seeking a new family of faith, He says, “Come Unto Me!”
If you've never known much about Jesus, but you know this life has to have more meaning than it does now, He says, “Come Unto Me!”

  If you desire a place where children and families can connect through worship, Sunday School, Christian education-Redeemer Lutheran School, He says, “Come Unto Me!"

  If you are searching for a church home where people are welcomed to faith in Jesus Christ, equipped with a maturing faith through Word and Sacrament, where Christ Himself invites you to, “Come Unto Me,”  we welcome you with open arms.
                   We hope your time spent here is a blessing! 

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Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
705 Southway Blvd. East
Kokomo, Indiana 46902
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Phone 765-453-0969

Regular Schedule

  • Traditional Worship Service
    – 8:15 AM
  • Sunday School/Bible Class
    – 9:30 AM
  • Contemporay Worship 1st and 3rd Sunday
    – 10:45 AM
  • Traditional Worship Service 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday's
    – 10:45 AM
  • Traditional Worship Service
    – 5:30 PM



  • People of Passion - Prayerwalking

    I’m seeking out People of Passion to help our congregation better reach out into our community.  People of Passion are individuals who feel strongly about reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Passion is needed in three areas:

    1. Passion for Christ: If you love Jesus and want others to know Him and love Him the way you do, then you could be a Person of Passion.
    2. Passion for your Church: If you love Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer and have a deep desire for our church to be everything that God wants it to be, then you could be a Person of Passion.
    3. Passion for your Community: If you care about people in our community, especially those who don’t know Jesus and His love for them, then you could be a Person of Passion.

    People of Passion join together in activities that help our church open doors for the Gospel into our community.  The first activity that we are doing is participating in a Prayerwalk on Sunday, October 9th during the Sunday School hour.     

    In hundreds of cities across the globe, ordinary believers are prayerwalking through the streets of their communities.  They pray while walking, with eyes open for the spiritual awakening God is bringing.  There is no set pattern or proven formula.  Prayerwalkers have set out with every imaginable style.  There is nothing magical about praying while walking.  God’s Spirit is simply helping us to pray in the midst of the very settings in which we expect Him to answer our prayers.  We instinctively draw near to those for whom we pray.  Getting up close to the community focuses our prayer.  We sharpen our prayers by concentrating on specific homes and families.  But we enlarge our praying as well, crying out for entire communities to know God’s healing presence.  Prayerwalks give us a simple way to fill the streets with prayer.  Many are praying city-size prayers while ranging throughout their towns with disciplined regularity in small bands of two or three.  In limited access countries, thousands of “tourists” walk the streets interceding for the lost in their own communities.  Thus prayerwalkers keep near the lost in order to touch them with the Gospel and transforming service.  Quiet triumphs often follow as God changes the city day by day and house by house.

    Join me on Sunday, October 9th for a prayerwalk through the neighborhoods surrounding Our Redeemer.  We will meet in the church sanctuary at 9:30 am for brief instructions and to divide up into groups of two and three and cover our community in prayer.

    Having experienced the grace and love of God through Christ in our own lives. may we join together with other People of Passion in opening doors for the Gospel in our community!

    Pastor Barry Akers 

  • New and Continuing Adult Bible Classes

    Sunday morning Adult Bible Classes (9:30 am)

    A New Season for Your Church – Each week, Pastor Allison  will be leading discussion and study over the Transforming Churches Network Bible study as we look to transform our church into one of people motivated for the mission of God. We will meet in Mission Hall.


    God Connects - A Course on Christianity – Each week, Pastor Akers will be leading discussion and study over God Connects - A Course on Christianity.  This course is designed for people wanting to know more about Christianity and specifically Lutheran doctrine.  This class is for anyone, but can lead to membership for those who are not yet members. We will meet in the Adult Education Room.

  • Sunday School for Preschool through 8th Grade

    Preschool(age 3)-Kindergarten children are invited to join Ashley Schneider in the Kindergarten classroom in the west hall to experience the Word of God each Sunday.

    Children in 1st-4th grade will meet in the 4th grade classroom with Tracy Brandenburg to study and experience God's Word and it's application to their lives.

    Youth in grades 5-7 will meet in the 5th/6th grade classroom with Hugh Hunker. Students will continue with a study of the book, Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers by Brad Alles and 8th grade students will begin their Confirmation class.

    8th Grade Confirmation will meet in the 7/8th grade classroom as they prepare for the Rite of Confirmation in May.  They will be taking a deeper look at  Luther's Small Catechism as they study the 6 chief parts and the meanings.

  • STRONG TOWER: High School Bible Class

    This Sunday all High school students are encouraged to join Zack Conner during the Sunday school hour in the youth room as they take an in-depth look at the life of Moses.

  • School

    Academic excellence in a caring
      Christian Environment

         Preschool thru 8th grade

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                                          2016-2017 School Year



Upcoming Events



WATCH 12 - TA / S - FH - MH
The Ark / Sanctuary - Fellowship Hall - Mission Hall
Pathways - FH / YR
6:30 PM
Fellowship Hall / Youth Room


WATCH 12 - TA / S - FH - MH
The Ark / Sanctuary - Fellowship Hall - Mission Hall
Traditional Communion - S
5:30 PM


WATCH 12 - TA / S - FH - MH
The Ark / Sanctuary - Fellowship Hall - Mission Hall
Traditional Communion - S
8:15 AM
Sunday School / Bible Class - MH / YR / RLS
9:30 AM
Mission Hall / Youth Room / RLS
Adult Information Class - AER
9:30 AM
Adult Education Room
Contemporary Worship - S
10:45 AM
Grounds - YR
6:30 PM
Youth Room


Room Occupied - MH
9:00 AM
Mission Hall
Diabetes Class - CL
1:00 PM
Church Library
Hands of Love - SR
1:00 PM
Sitting Room
Diabetes Class - CL
6:30 PM
Church Library
Cardio Drumming - FH
6:30 PM
Fellowship Hall
Board of Property - SR
7:00 PM
Sitting Room