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Pastor Allison
Date: February 10, 2019
   February 2019   
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Men's Bible Study - MH
7:30 AM
Mission Hall
Bell Choir - CR
5:45 PM
Choir Room
Cub / Boy Scouts - FH
6:00 PM
Fellowship Hall
Choir - CR
7:00 PM
Choir Room


RLS Chapel - S
8:45 AM
Vivian Heronemus Bible Study - MH
12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Mission Hall


Quilting - CR
9:30 AM
Choir Room
Ladies' Koinonia - MH
9:30 AM
Mission Hall
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What do others have to say about WATCH



"WATCH was a wonderful and exciting weekend that enabled me to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ." -- Beth Dinkel

"WATCH...afforded us the opportunity to draw near the Lord, and He drew near to us.  t was both a humbling and edifying experience." --Rita Bagby

"I experienced the love of Chris over and over in many different sharing, praying and singing ways in that Christ filled weekend...gave me the "spiritual shot in the arm" that I needed."--Gene Miller

"If everone knew the impact of this weekend, there would be a line to sign up...I am going over and over it again in my mind to "ingrain it so deeply in my mind as to never forget any of it".  All I can say is "WOW" was so awesome that no word can describe it."--Marjie Sullivan

"WATCH was definitely a special weekend for me ...Learning what God expects of me as part of His church has enabled me to look for new opportunities to serve Him...I also see how many of people God has placed in my life to support me."--Jill Lowden

"[WATCH] validated that I am forgiven and need not carry the burden of regrets, that I am a small part of something much bigger that I can not comprehend but yet am an important piece of, and the God was, is and always will be there for even insignificant little me."--Evelyn Baird

"...For the first time in my life, I felt the presence of God in my life.  I have felt him or seen evidence of Him in my life every day since."--Bruce Hendrix

"...gave me a 'mountain top' experience!  Not only was I refreshed and renewed physically, but I also enjoyed a profound spiritual revival." -- Ida Lopnow

"Watch was the means that God used with me to refocus my life in Him." --Chris James

"...a huge blessing and...transformative in how I view my relationship with Christ" --Melody Tanner

"There is not a week that goes by, I don't reflect on some event which took place at the WATCH retreat.  I will go again!  Those experiences help bring new understanding to His Word." -- Jim Thrasher

"...from the start when I arrived to the time to go home you all did a great job of showing what a church is--the people and then illustrating their love for Christ and fellow Christians." --Ken Doversberger

"I must say that it truly renewed my spirit and I am blessed to have attended.  I hope to use the spiritual gifts God has given me to be 'Chris with skin on' to others." --Bob Frey

"My prayer is that you will allow yourself to be loved, pampered, prayed for...during WATCH #6!  You are in for a surprise!" --Tracy Brandenburg